Campaign list

Raised Funds 9%
Super structure

The old classrooms are in a terrible state, especially during the rainy season, children’s stuff gets damaged and classes are canceled at times. 

Raised Funds 43%
Child sponsorship

The number of children both orphan and vulnerable increases every day which calls for an increment in funds, we are asking you to continuously support us.

Raised Funds 18%
School clinic construction

Currently, we use a single room as our sick bay under one nurse. we are building a better and safe clinic for both the children and families that can not afford medications.

Raised Funds 47%
BSHM church construction

The school has become a home and a place of worship for children and the community, Consider supporting the work of God by supporting us.


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Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry is an educational NGO working in the education sector . With a belief that every child matters, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate every child.


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