Who we Are

Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry LTD was registered in 2020
We believe that all children should have equal rights, irrespective of financial issues or family breakups: Street children are also children, they are not prostitutes or garbage, they need to be told so, and more so put into it.

We have got a vision, and a mission to accomplish, under several objectives, and with God’s help, we will be successful.

To nourish orphans and other vulnerable children, youth and women for appropriate participation in all spheres of life in Uganda.

A strong entity that builds hope and future of orphans and other vulnerable children, prepares the youth and women to cope with the competitive life situation in Uganda.


Be a Life Changer

Our Main Objectives

    • To provide and maintain a permanent school structure where orphaned and needy children can access education.
    • To construct a shelter to provide a safe and nourishing environment for the total orphaned and needy children.
    • To develop income generating projects to ensure the sustainability of the organization’s programs.
    • To promote awareness of issues related to HIV/AIDS and malaria which are killing parents and leaves the children orphans in the community.
    • To conduct community outreach programs with the purpose of reducing the cause of orphan children.
    • To find opportunities for orphans and other vulnerable children, and youth, that is, Education sponsorship, training, employment opportunities, medication and other health services.

    • To support OVCs through their youthful age in preparation of them fit into the today’s competitive world.
  • To provide accommodation for orphans and other vulnerable children, and youth in Uganda.
    • To find national and international educational sponsorship for orphans and other vulnerable children to support them realize their dreams and to be able compete in all spheres of life.
    • To provide financial literacy training and monitoring to small business owners.
    • To provide youth with vocational skills training in a variety of trades following standards of the Directorate of Industrial Training in Uganda.
    • To construct health centers where we shall to provide affordable medical services, attention to orphans and other vulnerable children and to the surrounding community members.
  • To have OVCs and their household members access services of Economic Strengthening; Psychosocial Support and Basic Care; Knowledge of Legal and

What we Stand For

Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry is an educational NGO working in the education sector . With a belief that every child matters, we have taken it upon ourselves to educate every child.


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With enthusiastic employees and volunteers, we are ready to support you no matter any time.

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